How to Prepare Young People For the Real World

While parents, care-givers or legal guardians cannot necessarily directly steer young people to the right career, they can play an important, if not “critical” role, in developing the personal qualities, attitude and mind-set, which will be of great importance no matter what career their children choose. As basic as the following list may appear, anyone who is responsible for raising a child into adulthood can begin preparing them for the real world by focusing time and attention in the following areas.

“A Parents, Care-giver or Legal Guardians Guide” for preparing children and young adults for Success in the Real World

1. First and foremost, understand that you have the responsibility to prepare a child to be ready to learn their first day of school and to prepare them to grow and develop mentally, physically and emotionally to meet the tests of life and become productive citizens. Parenting is very hard and demanding work!

2. At an early age give a child specific tasks or chores to do on a daily basis and make sure there are real consequences if they are not accomplished.

3. Establish a sense of pride in those things a child “truly” does well. Have them do things over that are not up to a specific standard.

4. Teach a child the personal qualities of respect, integrity, honesty, self-management, sociability and doing things to the best of their ability.

5. Constantly read with a child and continually check their homework for correctness and completion.

6. Encourage a child to become involved in community activities and work on projects that will benefit not only themselves but others.

7. Make sure a child takes time at home to learn new activities and skills along with doing their homework.

8. Incorporate learning into vacations by going to museums, historical points of interest and taking tours of a business.

9. Talk at the dinner table about their day at school, current news and subjects of interest such as hobbies, sports or other activities they are involved in.

10. Provide financial learning in the form of developing a budget, opening a bank account, saving for something they really want, and taking on some of the responsibility of buying their cloths in their early teens.

11. At the appropriate time and age, ask a child their view on important subjects such as drugs, relationships, love, sex, careers, money, politics, education, etc. And provide “factual” feedback and solid guidance.

12. When they become teenagers, get job applications, help them fill them out and conduct practice job interview sessions with them. This is also a time to make sure they are dressing for success. With only a few exceptions, the real world does not hire turned baseball caps, baggy pants, pierced body parts or green hair.

13. Help them get a summer job between their junior and senior year in high school so at the end of their senior year their first job does not come as a shock or a completely new experience.

14. As a parent, care-giver or legal guardian model the attitude, behavior and thirst for knowledge you want to see in your child.

15. Be attentive and in tune with a child’s academic performance throughout “all” twelve years of school, but especially in grades 6 – 12. This is where they need the most encouragement and guidance.

16. Teach young people to understand and embrace the notion of lifelong, continuous learning. They must understand that learning is not just something they do in school. Learning is not limited to a period of time in their lives. Learning is an ongoing process that takes place wherever they are (in or out of formal school) and continues throughout life. Young people need to understand they are not just learning to get a diploma or a degree, but that they are learning to learn for a lifetime.

As a parent, care-giver or legal guardian, you must understand the important role you play in the formation of the young people you are charged with developing. Yes, it is both a difficult job and a big responsibility; but, using the above guide can provide you with the information required to make the journey more meaningful and successful. The young individual will be better prepared for the real world and you will have the satisfaction of being an important part of the process.

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90 Minutes of Kid’s Exercise

Ninety minutes a day of kid’s exercise is all it takes to keep a child healthy, according to a 2006 study done by the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo. If a child can be physically active for 90 minutes a day, their risk of heart disease and obesity drastically drops.

The study observed more than 1,700 children ages 9 and 15 and tested their blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels. Through these tests, they were able to calculate a cardiovascular disease risk factor score.

The nine-year-olds with the lowest risk factor scores partook in 116 minutes of moderate to intense exercise daily. In the 15-year-old group, those who participated in 88 minutes of exercise a day were the least at risk. Researchers average this to 90 minutes a day.

This length of exercise doesn’t have to be done all at once. The 90 minutes can be spread out over the course of a day. And not all of it must be an intense workout. Twenty-thirty minutes of continuous exercise at one time is the critical part of kids exercise. As for the rest, it’s easy for children to engage in other physical activities.

Kids can ride bikes, run around outside, play on a playground, participate in sports, jump rope, etc. Just a couple activities each day can add up to 90 minutes.

Of course, exercise is not the only guarantee for a healthy child. Nutrition is also important, and children should be getting the necessary daily amount of fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains.

Professor Chris Riddoch, head of the London Sports Institute at Middlesex University, says, “We have engineered a society that does not exercise; kids as well as adults.”

Parents must be intentional in guiding their children and themselves towards a healthy lifestyle. They must be aware of health issues and how to combat tendencies to develop unhealthy habits. Ensuring their kids get the recommended daily amount of kids exercise is an important step to raising healthy children.

Jeff Wise

Wujudkan impianmu

Untuk membuat ini bekerja Anda harus terlebih dahulu memiliki mimpi. Sebuah mimpi bukan pembelaan rasional, itu selalu tidak rasional. Membuat Anda tidak rasional, terlalu jauh dan abadi. Jika Anda telah memutuskan pada impian anda maka anda harus menyimpannya, karena menempatkan mimpi ini di hadapan Tuhan berarti semangat Anda berkomitmen untuk itu. Tuhan tidak menyukai kita untuk membuat komitmen bahwa kita ingin mengubah semalam. Komitmen dengan Tuhan adalah kekal, jadi pikirkan baik-baik sebelum Anda memasukkan ini sebelum dia. Jika Anda telah membuat keputusan ini maka di sini adalah langkah-langkah selanjutnya:

Langkah Satu: Mengharapkan yang tidak mungkin
Anda harus selalu mulai dari langkah ini. Jika Anda tidak bisa maka anda tidak punya mimpi. Jika Anda mulai di sini maka anda juga mulai dengan harapan dan iman karena baru sadar bahwa Anda segera mencapai mimpi ini tidak tergantung pada usaha Anda, tetapi pada Tuhan. Bersiaplah untuk menjadi masuk akal untuk pengaruh sekitar Anda. Tempatkan iman Anda pada Tuhan dan dia akan mengarahkan anda sesuai. Hal penting yang harus diperhatikan di sini, adalah kita semua anak-anak di hadapan Allah dan apa yang telah kita minta kepada-Nya adalah apa yang kita akan menerima.

Langkah Kedua: lolos harapan Anda.
Allah telah memberikan kita masing-masing dengan hadiah. Meskipun kita mungkin tidak berpikir begitu tapi pikiran kita dan otak adalah karunia. Gunakan mereka di sini untuk menyadari apa yang Anda mampu. Sebagai contoh dan dalam kasus yang ekstrim tidak bermimpi memiliki bayi ketika Anda seorang pria. Biarkan impian Anda sejalan dengan kehendak Tuhan terhadap Anda dan orang lain. Tidak memiliki mimpi yang akan membuat orang lain menderita, atau akan menempatkan dunia orang lain dalam bahaya. Jika impian Anda bekerja dalam batas-batas kehendak Allah, ia akan membuat itu terjadi. Kualifikasi harapan Anda adalah memastikan bahwa mimpi Anda dapat diterima di hadapan Allah. Anda harus tahu ini karena ia telah memberikan firman-Nya dan semangat untuk membedakan antara salah dan benar.

Langkah Tiga: Faktor Time
Setelah Anda telah menempatkan impian Anda di hadapan Allah sekarang saatnya untuk menghentikan penomoran hari, bulan atau tahun untuk mimpi ini menjadi kenyataan. Allah tahu kapan ini akan terjadi dan tahu apa waktu yang terbaik untuk impian Anda terjadi dalam hidup Anda. Itulah inti dari Anda meminta. Jika mimpi ini tidak melampaui berarti Anda tidak akan berbalik kepada Tuhan.

Langkah 4: Iman dalam Allah
Bersabarlah dan memiliki iman, tetap berada di jalan dan menjaga mimpi hidup. Dalam Alkitab kita diajarkan bahwa iman adalah bukti dari segala sesuatu harapkan. Anda tidak perlu setiap hari bukti fisik bahwa Tuhan bekerja dengan cara yang misterius dan atas nama Anda untuk mencapai mimpi ini. Jika Anda memiliki iman tanpa keraguan maka ketahuilah bahwa ini adalah bukti bahwa mimpi Anda pada kursus untuk Anda.Abaikan pikiran negatif dan berkonsentrasi pada iman anda.

Giving Inspirational Gifts – How to Give a Gift With Meaning

Gift giving is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or just because, pretty much everyone loves to receive gifts. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. There is, however, a big difference between receiving just any gift, and a gift which makes us feel really special. We all know what it feels like to be excitedly unwrapping a present, hoping for something really great, only to be disappointed to find a pair of socks, some cheap perfume or a novelty item we know we are never going to use.

Why give an Inspirational Gift?

The most inspirational gifts, the gifts that mean the most, are ones that have really been thought about. When you know a particular effort has been made to get something meaningful for you – that is a gift worth receiving! Not only is the gift itself something you will use and treasure, it then becomes a special memento of the relationship between you and the person who gave you the gift, a reminder of your connection each time you use it.

Tips for Giving a Gift with Meaning

If you really pay attention to your loved ones during the year – it makes it all that much easier when it comes time to buy a gift. Some questions to ask or be aware of when spending time with them:

What inspires them?
Do they talk about what type of websites they enjoy visiting or which blogs they follow?
Who is their favourite author?
Do they have a particular quote they love?
Is there something they have been struggling with lately and would like to improve in their lives?
What are their life dreams?
Is there an actor or musician who really motivates them?
Could they use some encouragement?

If you know the answers to some of these questions, it will give you a great place to start in finding a gift which means something special to your loved one.

At the end of the day the whole point of giving someone a gift is to make them feel special, so why not make just that extra bit of effort when choosing a gift. An inspirational gift will really make all the difference.

For more Inspirational Gift ideas go to Inspirational Gifts Australia.

Kristy Bergin, Founder,
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Apa impianmu ?

Banyak orang berbicara tentang mimpi dan menggunakan kata tanpa benar-benar tahu apa itu. Hal ini penting untuk mengetahui apa mimpi sebelum kita menyelidiki tindakan bermimpi. Sebuah mimpi adalah keinginan atau fantasi untuk memiliki sesuatu atau menjadi sesuatu atau seseorang. Biasanya, bila kita berbicara tentang mimpi kita lihat sesuatu yang tidak begitu mudah untuk mencapai atau mencapai.

Sekarang, setelah melihat apa yang mimpi adalah, pertanyaan saya kepada Anda adalah, apakah anda bermimpi? Mungkin aku harus bertanya, apakah Anda memiliki mimpi? Seberapa sering anda bermimpi dan bagaimana yang jelas impian Anda?Karena saya masih memiliki hak istimewa untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan di sini, saya hanya akan pergi ke depan dan menangani mereka. Saya percaya setiap mimpi manusia dan yang diterjemahkan berarti bahwa setiap orang memiliki mimpi atau banyak mimpi. Saya juga sangat percaya bahwa beberapa orang mimpi lebih dari yang lain dan juga bahwa beberapa melihat dan memahami mimpi mereka lebih daripada yang lain.

Bermimpi adalah saham dalam perdagangan orang yang sangat sukses dan berprestasi besar. Mereka berlatih bermimpi seolah-olah sebuah acara di Olimpiade.Gagal orang mimpi juga. Perbedaannya adalah mereka hanya mimpi ketika mereka tepat untuk dan hampir tidak pernah berlatih. Mereka tidak menganggap penting apapun untuk mimpi dan bermimpi.

Perbedaan utama namun antara pemimpi sukses dan berhasil adalah ini: yang sukses bangun dan membuat impian mereka datang melalui atau menjadi nyata saat nomor berlawanan mereka tidak tetapi yang terbaik terus bermimpi, berharap hanya bangun dan memiliki mimpi menjadi nyata . Itu intinya, mereka hanya berharap atau ingin untuk itu untuk menjadi nyata. Itu adalah bagian yang sangat disayangkan, karena seperti kata pepatah, “Jika keinginan itu kuda, maka pengemis bisa naik ‘, menunjukkan bahwa keinginan hanya menjadi nyata dalam cerita dongeng.

Orang-orang sukses membuat impian mereka menjadi nyata. Bagaimana mereka membuat impian mereka menjadi kenyataan? Mereka menyimpannya dalam melihat dan bawah fokus dengan melampirkan ke tanggal berbuah menyertai. Ini secara otomatis mengubah mimpi itu menjadi gol. Apa tujuan maka dan seberapa pentingkah untuk memiliki satu? Tujuan adalah mimpi dengan batas waktu atau tanggal penyelesaian melekat padanya. Mimpi melahirkan tujuan dan dari sana, mereka tidak dapat dipisahkan.

Apa yang Anda mimpi seperti? Apa yang mereka terdiri dari? Apakah Anda memiliki bakat, kemampuan dan aspirasi untuk mencapai impian Anda? Apakah Anda mimpi realistis atau tidak bisa diraih?

Alasan baris ini pertanyaan adalah ini: mimpi Anda, seperti sebelumnya dinyatakan akan melahirkan tujuan Anda dan tujuan Anda akan membawa hasil dalam hidup Anda.Oleh karena itu penting untuk dicatat bahwa mimpi kecil dan tidak berarti akan lahir tujuan kecil dan tidak signifikan yang pada gilirannya akan menghasilkan hasil yang kecil dan tidak berarti dalam hidup Anda. Tidak ada jalan pintas untuk kebenaran ini.

Kecil impian = upaya tujuan + Kecil = Kecil pencapaian dalam hidup

Jadi, ketika kamu berani bermimpi, mimpi mimpi besar. Mimpi mimpi yang keluar dari dunia ini tetapi melakukannya dengan baik untuk tetap di kenyataan karena hanya kemudian Anda dapat mengukur dan menghargai kemajuan Anda dalam hidup. Mimpi mimpi besar dan menetapkan tujuan yang besar. Bila Anda berani bermimpi, biarkan imajinasi Anda berjalan liar, seperti Tornado, menghancurkan setiap pikiran dari ketidakmungkinan tentang proyek atau usaha hidup Anda.

Terlalu banyak orang yang bermimpi-malu. Mereka takut untuk bermimpi seolah-olah mereka akan harus membayar untuk itu. Apa yang ironis karena satu-satunya mereka harus membayar untuk ini, tidak bisa bermimpi. Biaya apa-apa kecuali pikiran dan imajinasi Anda untuk dapat mimpi tetapi akan dikenakan biaya bahkan kebahagiaan hidup Anda jika Anda tidak bermimpi sama sekali. Hal ini karena tanpa mimpi tidak akan ada tujuan dan tanpa tujuan, tidak akan ada untuk mencapai. Anda akan melalui hidup ini seperti sedang lewat dan akan ingat untuk melakukan atau mencapai apa-apa pada khususnya. Bahkan, Anda tidak akan diingat sama sekali. Apa yang hidup sia-sia!

Persentase besar orang di bumi memiliki impian lalu lintas satu arah: tumbuh dewasa, pergi ke sekolah yang lebih tinggi, pasca sarjana, mengambil pekerjaan bulanan-gaji-membayar, menikah dan punya anak, pensiun dan mati menerima pensiun. Tidak lebih, tidak kurang! Mimpi jenis ini adalah tanpa petualangan. Tidak ada menyenangkan, tidak ada percikan, dan tidak ada tantangan dan cara ini berdampak bagi hidup mereka tidak pernah bermakna. Mereka melanggar esensi atau tujuan hidup yang hidup tujuan karena kurangnya mimpi layak. Satu Horace Mann mengatakan, ‘Jadilah malu untuk mati sampai Anda telah memenangkan sebuah kemenangan bagi kemanusiaan. ” mimpi Apa yang Anda miliki tentang mempengaruhi hidup dan membuat dampak yang langgeng? Jika Anda tidak memilikinya, maka Anda tidak harus mati dulu karena masih banyak hal untuk Anda lakukan.

Setelah mengatakan semua ini, ketika kamu berani bermimpi mempertimbangkan ini:

Jika impian Anda tidak menyebabkan Anda untuk tetap terjaga di malam hari
Jika impian Anda tidak menyebabkan Anda tidur di siang hari bahkan ketika menyeberang jalan
Jika impian Anda tidak tersedak Anda ke titik mati lemas bahkan dalam ruangan berventilasi baik
Jika impian Anda tidak mencoba untuk menenggelamkan Anda di tanah kering
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda kehilangan dalam upaya Anda untuk mencari jalan
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda kaya bahkan tanpa sepeser pun untuk nama Anda
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda miskin dalam pengetahuan meskipun kualifikasi akademik Anda
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda sakit mencoba untuk memenuhinya meskipun kesehatan yang besar fisik Anda
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda pengelana meskipun alamat ini fisik anda
Jika impian Anda tidak membawa Anda ke dalam kesendirian meskipun dikelilingi oleh sejumlah besar
Jika impian Anda tidak membuat Anda menjangkau orang yang bisa mewujudkannya meskipun tapi mimpi Anda
Kemudian berpikir lagi …
Mungkin tidak mimpi setelah keinginan semua tetapi hanya dan fantasi!

When You Dare to Dream

Many people talk about and use the word dream without really knowing what it is. It is important to know what a dream is before we delve into the action of dreaming. A dream is a wish or fantasy to have something or be something or somebody. Normally when we talk about a dream we refer to something that is not so easy to achieve or attain.

Now, having seen what a dream is, my question to you is, do you dream? Maybe I should ask, do you have a dream? How often do you dream and how clear are your dreams? Since I still have the privilege of answering these questions here, I will just go ahead and deal with them. I believe every man dreams and that is translated to mean that every man has a dream or many dreams. I also believe strongly that some people dream more than others and also that some see and understand their dreams more than others.

Dreaming is the stock in trade of the highly successful people and great achievers. They practice dreaming as if it were an event in the Olympic Games. Unsuccessful people dream too. The difference is they dream only when they are opportune to and so hardly ever practice it. They do not attach any importance to dreams and dreaming.

The major difference however between the successful and unsuccessful dreamers is this: the successful ones wake up and make their dreams come through or become real while their opposite number do not but at best continue dreaming, hoping to just wake up and have the dream become real. That’s the point; they only hope or wish for it to become real. That is the very unfortunate part because as the saying goes, ‘If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride’, shows that wishes only become real in fairy tales.

Successful people make their dreams become real. How do they make their dreams come true? They keep it in view and under focus by attaching to it an accompanying fruition date. This automatically transforms the dream into a goal. What is a goal then and how important is it to have one? A goal is a dream with a deadline or completion date attached to it. Dreams give birth to goals and from there, they are inseparable.

What are you dreams like? What do they consist of? Do you have the talents, abilities and aspirations to achieve your dreams? Are you dreams realistic or unachievable?

The reason for this line of questions is this: your dreams, as earlier stated will give birth to your goals and your goals will bring forth the results in your life. It is therefore pertinent to note that small and insignificant dreams will birth small and insignificant goals which will in turn produce small and insignificant results in your life. There are no short cuts to this truth.

Small dreams = Small goals + Small effort = Small achievement in life

So when you dare to dream, dream big dreams. Dream dreams that are out of this world but do well to remain in reality because only then can you measure and appreciate your progress in life. Dream big dreams and set great goals. When you dare to dream, let your imagination run wild, like a Tornado, destroying every thought of impossibility about the project or your life’s endeavour.

Too many people are dream- shy. They fear to dream as if they will have to pay for it. What an irony because the only thing they will have to pay for is, not being able to dream. It cost nothing but your mind and you imagination to be able to dream but it will cost you even your life’s happiness if you do not dream at all. This is because without dreams there will be no goals and without goals, there will be nothing to achieve. You will go through this life like a passer- by and will be remembered to have done or achieve nothing in particular. In fact, you will not be remembered at all. What a wasted life!

The greater percentage of people on earth have a one- way traffic dream: grow up, go to higher school, graduate, pick up a monthly- salary- paying job, get married and have children, retire and die receiving pension. Nothing more, nothing less! This type of dream is devoid of adventure. There is no fun, no spark, and no challenge and so this way they never impact lives meaningfully. They violate the essence or purpose of life which is to live a life of purpose because of the lack of a worthy dream. One Horace Mann said, ‘Be ashamed to die until you have won a victory for humanity.’ What dreams do you have about affecting lives and making a lasting impact? If you do not have one, then you should not die just yet because there are still plenty of things for you to do.

Having said all these, when you dare to dream consider this:

If your dream does not cause you to stay awake at night
If your dream does not cause you to sleep in the day time even while crossing the road
If your dream does not choke you to the point of suffocation even in a well ventilated room
If your dream does not try to drown you on dry land
If your dream does not make you lost in your effort to find a way
If your dream does not make you rich even without a dime to your name
If your dream does not make you poor in knowledge despite your academic qualifications
If your dream does not make you sick trying to fulfill it despite your great physical health
If your dream does not make you a wanderer despite your present physical address
If your dream does not take you into solitude despite being surrounded by a great multitude
If your dream does not make you reach out to people who can make it come true despite being but your dream
Then think again …
It may not be a dream after all but mere wishes and fantasies!

Motherhood: The Joys and the Challenges

“Motherhood brings as much joy as ever…Nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop her (his) own individuality especially while you struggle to keep your own.” – Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons

I am so struck by the enormity of the task I have been given. Being a mother is the most rewarding and most challenging task ever! I have supervised people, debated concepts, and written persuasive arguments, yet none compare to the daily supervision, debates, and “loud conversations” that I have with my 8-year-old.

People warned me and I didn’t believe them, but I am amazed at how quickly the time flew. Just yesterday, she was this little, tiny bundle who depended on me for everything and now she is this confident young lady who is becoming more self sufficient everyday. She has her own thoughts and opinions (that don’t always jive with mine–not sure how I feel about that!). She is a great kid and I am not saying that just because she is mine. I hope everyone feels that about their children.

I often wonder…what did I do so great in my lifetime to deserve such an amazing gift? I certainly wasn’t the best student and I made my share of mistakes (just ask my parents!). While I would not do anything differently, because I apparently did something right, I cannot for the life of me figure out what I ever did to deserve her…my baby…the light of my life. I thank God for her everyday.

Thank you God for finding me worthy of the gift of motherhood. Continue to bless my baby with health, strength and free will. Bless my husband and I with the skills and resources to provide her with all of the things she needs and many of the things she wants. Give me the strength and fortitude to teach her to be an independent thinker, a self-sufficient doer, and a proactive participant.

Bless those who are unable to conceive; help them to realize that they need not experience the pains of labor to mother a child. And finally dear Lord, let us realize how fortunate we are and that we all need to pitch in and help those in need. In Your Name, I pray, AMEN.